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Maria Prem
In addition to owning the company, Mr. Prem is its primary cyber renderer and expert digital artist. RENDERVIZ's co-founder puts his love of architectural design and digital rendering into each project that he creates. His greatest satisfaction comes from creating each new model to exceed the expectations of each client. He is an experienced computer graphics specialist with over a decade in the industry and possesses formal architecture training.

Poonam Shah
Vice President
As the primary motivator within the organization, Poonam provides the necessary leadership to maintain project momentum from start to finish.

Deiva Arul
Graphic Designer
Mr. Arul is an extremely gifted graphic designer who offers a great deal of creative insight to each project that he undertakes. He has many years experience as a digital artist and design specialist.

Sunil S
System Administrator
Sunil is a highly skilled system administrator and computer information specialist. His expertise maintains the network lifeline that keeps Render Viz at the leading edge of computer rendering technology.

Production Specialist
A well-rounded artist, Vineet combines his passion for fine arts with modern technology to enhance every project. He also performs many of the copywriting and promotional functions that serve client needs.